The Cultural Observatory is looking for outstanding candidates to work on next-generation tools for high-throughput analysis of historical, social, and cultural data. This is an opportunity to participate in a radically new type of scientific enterprise at a very early stage. Culturomics is the application of high-throughput data collection and analysis to the study of human culture. The successful candidates will play a key role in developing algorithms for a wide variety of culturomic tasks. The Cultural Observatory is located at Harvard University's main campus.

Characteristic Duties:
  • Work with scholars from across the Humanities to translate their ideas into testable culturomic experiments
  • Develop strategies and write algorithms in order to explore huge datasets.
  • Analyze data and obtain novel results.
  • Communicate results with team members, at academic conferences, and in writing
  • Develop web-based graphical user interfaces to enable scholars to take advantage of culturomic resources without the need for programming
We are looing for undergrads, technicians, and postdocs.

Send us a resume or contact us at jb at culturomics dot org